SunMedica is a United States-based company that has garnered a reputation for orthopedic patient positioning products. Their mission is to improve patient care through developing products that assist hospital professionals. Keir Surgical is the sole distributor for SunMedica’s patient positioning systems, such as HipGrip [...]

I.C. Medical


Keir Surgical is the exclusive Canadian distributor of I.C. Medical's surgical smoke evacuation products. For over 30 years, I.C. Medical has pioneered surgical smoke evacuation research and development. I.C. Medical is a market-leading medical device company headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona that develops and manufactures [...]

Corza Medical


For over 40 years, Corza Medical (previously Surgical Specialties) has been manufacturing microsutures and microsurgical knives and ophthalmic instruments. German-engineered and based in the United States, Corza Medical’s Sharpoint Suture portfolio is focused on providing consistently high-performance, precise and affordable products to the global [...]

NZ Technologies


Keir Surgical is a distributor for NZ Technologies’ touchless image navigation system, TIPSO AirPad®. TIPSO AirPad® provides a palm-sized, portable solution for convenient control of image navigation, allowing placement inside the sterile field. Touchless finger movements over the sensing surface enable activation of a [...]