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Our History

Established in 1923, Keir Surgical has provided high-quality surgical products to hospitals, clinics, and healthcare facilities across Canada for more than 95 years. In 2013, Keir Surgical became a founding member of the Pacific Surgical group of innovative healthcare companies that are committed to bringing progressive products and service solutions to customers in Canada and around the globe.

Keir Surgical is a surgical instruments business at its core. Our close working relationship with numerous German instrument manufacturers, and our deep expertise in this market, allow us to provide the widest range of instrument patterns in Canada. We are privileged to service the Canadian healthcare system; we thank our customers, employees and suppliers for their continued support.


Our Mission & Core Values

At Keir Surgical, it is our mission to be Canada’s premier surgical products company.

Keir Surgical takes pride in our history and our commitment to the future in the Canadian healthcare industry. At our core, we prioritize establishing and maintaining positive customer relationships. We highly value our team of people who share our mission and work together to foster a team environment, and we strive to provide opportunities for career development. From an industry standpoint, we offer a wide range of surgical products and services to satisfy all requirements for quality and value that our customers may have. Along with our product availability, we emphasize continual improvement in our business, and our adherence to the ISO 13485:2016 Quality Management System.

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The Canadian healthcare industry is complex. When you choose to work with Keir Surgical, you can trust that we will make every effort to keep it simple while providing you with smart, professional service. It is our goal to be your first call for surgical products in Canada. We are proud to supply Instruments for Life.

Our Team

“We are proud of our team and the passion they bring to Keir Surgical. With our great products and great people, Keir Surgical is a wonderful surgical products partner for our customers.”

PATRICK HANEYPresident, Keir Surgical
MICHAEL FISHPresident, Pacific Surgical

Community Involvement

We believe in supporting our global and local community through various forms of contribution. At Keir Surgical, we have an active internal donation matching program that provides employees an added way to give back. Donations made by Keir Surgical employees to registered charities are matched dollar for dollar by Keir Surgical. Some of the charities we have supported include: Project Hands, Vancouver Symphony Orchestra and the Food Banks Canada.

Take a look at what it’s like to work with Keir Surgical and what makes us a premier surgical products company. Established in 1923, we have over 95 years’ experience in the health care industry. We are proud healthcare professionals and supply Instruments for Life.

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