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VANCOUVER, December 7, 2021 – Keir Surgical Ltd., a privately-held Vancouver-based Canadian surgical products company, announced it has established a commercial partnership with Terragene.

Terragene is a leading provider of infection prevention devices and manufacturer of more than 150 products related to sterilization, cleaning, washing and thermal-disinfection in hospitals. Founded in 2006 and headquartered in Alvear, Santa Fe, Argentina, Terragene offers best-in-class biological indicators for Steam and Plasma sterilization, including the world’s only instant-read steam biologic indicator, the Bionova Photon. Keir Surgical is appointed as Terragene’s partner for the acute care market in Canada.

Patrick Haney, President of Keir Surgical, commented, “We are excited to bring these truly innovative products to market in Canada, and look forward to seeing how they change best practices within Canadian MDRDs”.

Keir Surgical is the largest and oldest division of Pacific Surgical, its parent company which operates companies in the Canadian healthcare industry. Keir Surgical is best known as a Canadian distributor of general and specialty surgical instruments, but also has deep expertise in surgical ophthalmology products, surgical headlight systems, MDR supplies, endoscopy devices, surgical containers and trays, and medical device repairs.

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Patrick Haney

President, Keir Surgical Ltd.


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Keir Surgical Ltd. is a Canadian owned and operated surgical products company dedicated to providing its customers with quality products and service since 1923.

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Pacific Surgical is a group of innovative healthcare companies committed to bringing progressive products and service solutions to customers in Canada and around the globe.


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