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VANCOUVER, April 30, 2021- Keir Surgical Ltd., a privately-held Vancouver-based Canadian surgical products company, has acquired PriMed Canada Inc. (, a Calgary-based national distributor of flexible endoscopy and medical device reprocessing (MDR) accessories.

PriMed Canada was founded in 1995 as regional distributor for endoscopy products and has grown into one of the most trusted suppliers to MDR and Endoscopy departments across Canada. The company sells a wide range of flexible and rigid cleaning brushes, bedside cleaning kits, transport trays, and endoscopy accessories. PriMed Canada was founded by the late Cindy Sekrijer, whose core beliefs of treating customers and employees with respect and dignity continue to be dominant themes within the company.

Patrick Haney, President of Keir Surgical commented, “We are very excited to have PriMed Canada join Keir Surgical and the wider Pacific Surgical family. We have known PriMed Canada as a highly regarded supplier to Canadian healthcare providers, which has earned them impressive customer loyalty. We are particularly enthusiastic to have access to additional product lines related to flexible endoscopy which we expect will complement our flexible endoscope repair business, Keir Surgical Complete Care.”

Keir Surgical has grown considerably over the past 15 years, in part through acquisitions and in part from organic growth. Keir Surgical is the largest and oldest division of Pacific Surgical, its parent company which operates seven companies in the Canadian healthcare industry. Keir Surgical is best known as a Canadian distributor of general and specialty surgical instruments, but also has expertise in surgical ophthalmology products, surgical headlight systems, MDR supplies, surgical containers and trays, and medical device repairs.

“The acquisition of PriMed Canada by Keir Surgical creates an ideal alliance,” said Wendy Kinsman, CEO of PriMed Canada. “Not only are all of our personnel being retained and our Calgary office and warehouse remaining fully operational, we are also pleased that this acquisition represents the coming together of two Canadian healthcare supply success stories.”

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Patrick Haney
President, Keir Surgical Ltd.

Michael Fish
President, Pacific Surgical

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Keir Surgical Ltd. is a Canadian owned and operated surgical products company dedicated to providing its customers with quality products and service since 1923.

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