Press Release

VANCOUVER, September 28, 2017 – Keir Surgical Ltd., a privately-held Vancouver-based Canadian surgical products company with a national sales force and regional offices in Montreal and Toronto, has purchased MediVogue Inc. The acquisition bolsters Keir Surgical’s business in Quebec and broadens its product range.

“MediVogue has a strong presence in many Canadian hospitals, but in particular in the Quebec market. Keir Surgical is excited to increase its business in Quebec through this acquisition and we believe that the MediVogue products are a perfect complement to our existing range of surgical products.” said Patrick Haney, President of Keir Surgical.

Keir Surgical has grown considerably in the past 15 years, in part through acquisition and in part from organic growth. Keir Surgical is the largest and oldest division of Pacific Surgical, its parent company which operates six companies in the healthcare industry.

MediVogue was founded in 2006 by Pierre Laforce and is a distributor of specialized medical and surgical products. The company is headquartered in St. Jerome, Quebec.

“The acquisition of MediVogue by Keir Surgical supports our objective to be the premier surgical products company in Canada,” said Michael Fish, President of Pacific Surgical. “In MediVogue, Pierre Laforce has built a great company with solid product lines and an excellent reputation; we are excited to take MediVogue to the next level and will work closely with its partners and customers to make the transition a success” added Michael Fish.

About Keir Surgical

Keir Surgical Ltd. is a Canadian owned and operated surgical products company dedicated to providing its customers with quality products and service since 1923.

About Pacific Surgical

Pacific Surgical is a group of innovative healthcare companies committed to bringing progressive
products and service solutions to customers in Canada and around the globe.