Rigid Endoscope Repairs

Keir Surgical offers complete repair services on rigid endoscopes. All rigid endoscope repair work is subject to a 90-day warranty and the work is generally completed within three days. Loaner endoscopes may also be available upon request.

We now offer the Smart Scope Program that allows you to trade-in for a new or refurbished telescope whenever you purchase a green-eye piece, Rudolf telescope.

At Keir Surgical Instrument Repair, we offer the following repair levels:


  • Thorough diagnostic testing and exterior cleaning
  • Comprehensive leak and shock testing
  • Diamond polishing of distal window and/or eyepiece window
  • Fiber optic connection/post, re-bonding and polishing
  • Completely disassemble and clean entire optical system
  • Opening and testing of interior optical system, including ocular lens system
  • Functional testing of all mechanical parts
  • Replace up to two damaged rod lenses OR repair/replace eyepiece/eyepiece window
  • Optical alignment of lens system and ocular lens
  • Clean, align, reseal and test


  • Includes: Level 1
  • Replace two or more damaged rod lenses
  • Replace objective lens system
  • Repair/replace eyepiece/eyepiece window
  • Completely disassemble and clean entire optical system
  • Recalibrate optical lens spacing
  • Hermetical sealing and/or laser welding


  • Includes Level 1 & 2
  • Replace solderable sapphire components
  • Complete rebuild
  • Replace inner and outer stainless-steel tubing
  • Replace fiber-optic bundle
  • Replace all damaged mechanical parts
  • Re-plating (if necessary)
  • Replace color bands
  • Complete functional testing, alignment, adjustments, and hermetical sealing and/or laser welding

Specialty endoscope repairs will be done on a quote basis only. Specialty endoscopes include:

  • Endoscopes less than 2.7mm in diameter
  • A 2.7 mm endoscope longer than 200 mm
  • Any endoscope with an image bundle
  • An offset or laser endoscope