Repair Program

Keir Surgical Instrument Repair offers an extensive Repair and Refurbish Program.

By choosing Keir Surgical, we can assure you the following benefits:

•    Extended instrument life

•    Increased cost savings through superior maintenance

•    Reduced broken or damaged instruments

•    Enhanced instrument functionality

•    Instruments are returned to a “like-new” condition

Our program provides customers with the assurance that their instruments will receive the following services:

Repair and Refurbish


Precise sharpening with specialized equipment


Instruments are realigned by skilled craftsmen

Repair with Optimal Spare Parts

Assurance for a proper fit and minimal reaction between different metals

Surface Refinishing

Selection from three finish options: laser, satin, or polished

Gold Dipping

Ring handles of tungsten carbide instruments are restored for easy identification in the OR

Cleaning / Oiling

Ultrasonic cleaning and lubrication are included for best performance

Final Inspection

A quality inspection and testing will ensure the highest level of performance.