Rumex is a leading manufacturer of surgical instruments, based in the United States. Since 1994, Rumex has been manufacturing high-quality instruments, with surgical ophthalmology being one of their specialties. Rumex takes pride in their customer service and wide range of budget-conscious products. Keir Surgical [...]



Keeler has been manufacturing innovative ophthalmic instruments since 1917. Their focus is to provide customers and patients alike with the confidence that the instruments of the highest quality. Keir Surgical is a Canadian distributor of Keeler ophthalmic diagnostic products. View Online Catalogue [...]

Eagle Labs


Founded in 1988, Eagle Labs is a California-based manufacturer of single-use ophthalmic cannulae and micro-surgical knives. Eagle Labs strives to produce high quality yet affordable single-use medical devices for the medical community. Keir Surgical is a primary distributor for Eagle Labs in Canada. [...]

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