Sterilization Monitoring

Keir Surgical is the exclusive Canadian partner of SPSmedical. In addition to an innovative line of monitoring and packaging products, SPSmedical and Keir Surgical have collaborated to offer education programs on sterilization standards across Canada.

Our range of products include the following:

As a Keir Surgical/SPSmedical customer, you automatically qualify for our Sterility Assurance Rewards (StAR) Program. Purchases earn StAR points to redeem educational and consulting services or quality assurance products to help you achieve the highest standards of sterility assurance!

Contact for details about our StAR Program.


SPSmedical/CROSSTEX Catalogue [pdf]

SPSmedical Chemical Indicator Tape [pdf]

For more information about SPSmedical sterilization products, request a catalogue through

StAR Rewards – Sterility Assurance Rewards Program

Keir Surgical believes that as a supplier of sterile processing products, we have a responsibility to help you to achieve your goal of sterility assurance excellence. The StAR Program rewards your loyalty to SPSmedical products by offering you free quality assurance products, educational resources, and consultation services that will help you to achieve the highest standards of sterility assurance.

For more information or to see if you qualify please contact us today.