Keir Surgical is the exclusive distributor of Katena and Wexler Surgical premium ophthalmology instruments, and an official distributor of Rhein Medical instruments.

Our ophthalmology instruments range includes:

  • Barron Trephines/Punches
  • Cannula (Reusable and Disposable)
  • Corneal Markers
  • Diamond Knives
  • Forceps
  • I/A Systems
  • IOL Manipulators
  • LASEK and LASIK Instruments
  • Phaco Choppers
  • Trephine Blades
  • Ophthalmic Knives
  • Single use Ophthalmic Cannula
  • Single use Ophthalmic Microsurgical Knives
  • Artificial Iris
  • High Diopter IOLs


Katena Ophthalmology Catalogue [web]

Rhein Medical Ophthalmic Surgical Instruments Mini Catalogue [pdf]

Wexler Surgical Optimus Series Catalogue [pdf]

Eagle Labs Single Use Ophthalmic Catalogue [pdf]

For more information about our Ophthalmology products, request a catalogue through marketing@keirsurgical.com.



Katena Cleaning and Sterilization [pdf]

To request instructions for use, contact our customer service department at 800.663.4525.