Keir Surgical is pleased to make the following downloads available for your convenience. Please click on the links below to open the related documents.

Accutome Catalogue [PDF]

Batrik Surgical Products [web]

BFW Headlight Systems, Light Sources and Cables [web]

Bissinger Instruments for Electrosurgery  [web]

Bolton Surgical Instruments [web]

Buxton Spinal Instruments, Shoulder Instruments and Revolver Rongeur [web]

Climadrape Catalogue [PDF]

Conkin Valtchev® VUM-6 [web]

Conkin Valtchev® Vaginal Delineator [web]

Ellman Electrodes, Needles, Sterile/Single-Use Products [web]

GEM Glubran 2 Synthetic Surgical Glue [web]

GEM Glubran Tiss 2 Two Component Adhesive [web]

gSource Instrument Catalogue [PDF]

Hayden Medical Gynecology Catalogue [PDF]

Hayden Medical Plastic Surgery, ENT and Podiatry Catalogue [PDF]

Hermann Arthroscopy, Laparoscopy/Endoscopy and Plastic Surgery [web]

Instrusafe Catalogue [web]

Katena Catalogue [web]

Keeler Catalogue [PDF]

Keir Surgical Containers and Trays Catalogue [PDF]

Keir Surgical Instrument Catalogue 2016 [PDF]

Keir Surgical Laparoscopy Catalogue [PDF]

Key Surgical Catalogue [web]

Liquiband Fix8 Laparoscopic Hernia Mesh Fixation Device [PDF]

Marina Medical OBGYN Products [PDF]

Mediflex Deluxe Modular Instruments [web]

Mediflex Holding Arms and Positioners [web]

Mediflex Laparoscopic Surgical Instruments [web]

Mediflex Table Mounted Retractor Systems-Mini Bookler and Bookler [web]

Miltex Surgical Instruments [PDF]

Nopa Instruments Container Sterilization, Dental & Oral, General Surgery, Neurosurgery, Ophthalmology and Plastic Surgery [PDF]

Pajunk Eco Balloon Systems [web]

Pajunk ErgoSys [web]

Polar Ware Catalogue [PDF]

Rhein Medical Ophthalmic Surgical Instruments Catalogue [PDF]

Rudolf Medical [e-catalogue]

Rumex Ophthalmic Instruments Catalogue [PDF]

Stille Instruments [web]

SunMedica hipGrip, kneeGrip, legGrip and orthoRaps [web]

Surgical Innovations YelloPort Elite [web]

Surgical Innovations YelloPort+ Plus [web]

Wexler Surgical Instrument Catalogue [web]